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"Nigerians with Siddon Look Patch"

Is this a conundrum? I don't want to accept it is but we have just decided to make it an attitude. And this is excessively destroying the structure of our beloved nation. This had become worse that it has now penetrated into different sectors of the economy. Even the so-called Vibrant Youths usually tagged as "Leaders of Tomorrow" are not meeting up to expectation. It is high time we up our games and see ourselves as the "Leaders of Today". Only the Go-getters can bring the real change that is well-deserved. We are born with great ideas and powers to change our world. Please, if you are one of the siddon look youths, kindly wake up and let's birth the new change we deserve in our family, personal life, workplace, respective association,society and country at large.

I leave you with this " Anywhere you find yourself in life at any point in time, ensure you unzip your mind & mouth towards proffering solutions with your rich ideas because you have al…

“Content is King” — Essay by Bill Gates

One best alternative to Facebook

Looking for an Alternative to Facebook? Consider LinkedIn AUTHOR Amid rising fear about Facebook’s coming News Feed changes, which will reduce referral traffic for websites, social media managers are considering their options, and looking at various platforms and tools to help them offset the potential declines. One platform to consider giving more focus could be LinkedIn, particularly if the latest usage stats reported by the platform are anything to go by. As reported by Digiday, LinkedIn says that comments, likes and shares are up more than 60% year-on-year, ‘due to product updates, new features and analytics’. “ referral traffic for LinkedIn across’s publisher base more than doubled, and engagements on LinkedIn content have increased fourfold in the last two years for publishers like Forbes, the BBC, Bloomberg and Business Insider, according to NewsWhip. Indeed, LinkedIn has been making content a bigger focus, with new options like 

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